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Nardoragon Canine Teeth 🐲🦷

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🌿 ValueFactory Canine Teeth for the Nardo 🐲🦷


  • 🦷 FBX Canines
  • 🔵 Standard Materials (⚪ Default white, 🩸 Bloody variant)
  • 🎨 SPP Files (for 8.3.0, Substance FBX included)
  • 🕺 MMD Support
  • 😛 Face Tracking Support
  • 📱 ARKit Blendshapes (haven't been tested, let me know if you run into issues!)
  • 👩‍🏫 Setup tutorials
  • 👀Adjerry Face Tracking DLC support

Installation & Tutorials

To install the teeth on your Nardodragon, you will have to merge the teeth FBX into your Nardo model, removing the old teeth.

The package includes information and videos that walk you through how to install the teeth on your Nardo. (Nardyeens are covered in the tutorial, and any other Nardo edits may be compatible! Please reach out to me if you're unsure if your Nardo edit will work.)


  • The Nardoragon base model (any version)
  • Basic Unity knowledge.
  • Basic Blender knowledge.

Technical Information

  • 9790 triangles.
  • 1 material slot.
  • Viseme, MMD, ARKit, SRanipal blendshapes supported.
  • Special 'Teeth Size' blendshape for making the teeth bigger.
  • Female All and Female Head blendshapes supported.
  • Special 'Substance Explode' blendshape included.
  • There's a separate FBX included that's compatible with the Adjerry Face Tracking DLC.

Terms of Use

By purchasing this product, you agree to these terms of use:


  • Use the product on private avatars without credit.
  • Use the product on public avatars ONLY if credit is given (A link to or the Gumroad page in the description suffices.)
  • Make edits to any part of the product and share it with other persons who have purchased the product.
  • Create, share, paywall and sell videos, screenshots, live streams, audiovisual media etc that visually feature the product.


  • Use the product on public avatars without credit.
  • Use this product in any commercial or non-commercial capacity that would let anyone acquire it without purchasing it from ValueFactory (
    • You cannot distribute this product or portions of it to persons who do not own it.
    • You cannot sell this product, derivations or other products that include this product.
    • You cannot sell kitbashes (avatar edits) that include this product.
    • You cannot include this product in free kitbashes (avatar edits).
    • You cannot sell or offer commissions that include this product UNLESS both you and the commissioner OWN the product.
    • etc
  • Share your license key with others.
  • Claim that you have made this product.

If you wish to use this product for anything other than a VR Avatar, please contact me.

Violating any of these terms will result in your license key and purchase being revoked without refund.

If there's anything unclear about the terms, please contact me.



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FBX - SPP - Unitypackage
Face tracking/MMD/ARKit/Misc blendshapes
Con staff/volunteers: reach out to me if you'd like a 30% discount.


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Nardoragon Canine Teeth 🐲🦷

26 ratings
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