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VRChat Hypno Screenspace 🖥️ [DLC]

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🖥️ The fully enveloping screenspace hypno shaders.


  • 3 Screenspace hypno shaders (Log Spiral, 1D and polar)
  • 47 Material presets (8 1D, 21 Log, 16 Polar) by Maple
  • Mask Prefab that can be placed in the world, has material swaps, has some local toggles. Best used with VRCFury.
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs on setting everything up.


  • You can use any of the existing features of the base shaders in the screenspace shaders! So if you want to make a Log Spiral screenspace shader, you can customize it the same way you'd customize a base Log Spiral hypno shader.
  • You can convert any of the 3 base/focus shaders into a screenspace shader with ease.


  • The package includes a total of 47 presets!
  • Presets aren't limited to just being screenspace. You can use them as normal Hypno or Focus DLC materials as well.


  • Mask Prefab. We've included a whole mask prefab (along with a tutorial video on setting it up) that lets you swap between 40+ materials, place it in the world and has some misc helper local toggles!

  • Bound Visualization. Lets you visualize where the fade-in of the screenspace starts and where the hypno is fully visible.Very useful to have on a local toggle!

Setup Ideas

Here's my personal setup. I use a world constrained mask that's also parent constrained to my wrist one. I have stenciling set up so that my avatar is visible through the hypno. On top of that I have some toggles in place for


We've included a few setup tutorials that will walk you through using the package. You can find the start of them here. More tutorials are in the description:


  • Some experience setting up Unity avatars.
  • Animator experience is beneficial for more advanced setups.

Terms of Use

  • YOU CAN:
    • Distribute locked shaders and materials if they are part of a larger commission (such as a custom avatar, retexture etc) Either the commissioner or the artist has to own the DLC and the base product.
    • Make edits to the product and share it with other persons who own the product.
    • Use the product on public and private avatars without credit.
    • Take and share videos, screenshots, live streams etc of the product (and also send me them please I WANNA SEE)
    • Redistribute/resell this product or parts of it, including locked shaders and materials, as part of another product.
    • Share your license key with others.
    • Redistribute this product, or parts of it, to persons who do not own it.
    • Redistribute unlocked shaders to persons who do not own the product.
    • Sell this product or derivations of it.
    • Claim that you have made this product.

This product requires a valid license in order to work. You activate your license by activating a valid license key. A license and its key cannot be transferred and can only be used by the person who has purchased the product.

Your license may be revoked at any point for violating the terms of use.

If there's anything unclear about the terms, please contact me.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out:

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VRChat Hypno Screenspace 🖥️ [DLC]

27 ratings
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