VRChat Hypno Eyes (Novabeast Preset ✨)

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🎯 Focus DLC🖥️ Screenspace DLC

The hypno eye shader pack for VRChat avatars.

Staring directly at the hypnotic eyes is recommended.

Not compatible with Quest or NeosVR., not tested with CVR.

Compatibility Tester (See if it works on your model)


  • 100 material presets: 58 for 1D, 19 for Log Spiral, 20 for Parallax3D, 3 for Polar2D
  • 4 shaders (with editors): 1D, Logarithmic Spiral, Polar2D, Parallax3D.
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs on setting everything up.
  • Shader optimizer so that you only pay the performance cost of what you use (similar to Poiyomi locking).

This package does not include any of the avatar models in the images & videos.


🖥️ Screenspace DLC is available!

  • Completely covers the vision of the viewer.
  • Mask prefab included.
Get the Screenspace DLC

🎯 Focus DLC now available!

  • Focuses will always face the observer.
  • Designed to work on 99% of avatars.
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Each shader comes with various customization settings.

  • The 1D shader generates effects from a 1D gradient texture you can modify.
  • The Logarithmic Spiral shader generates an infinity spiral effect from a 1D gradient texture you can modify.
  • The Polar shader generates effects from any 2D texture.
  • The Parallax shader generates a depth parallax effect from any 2D texture.
  • The shaders are written by hand and are self-contained. Editing their code will not be a headache.

Setup & Compatibility & Avatar Requirements

The eyes should work on any avatar, assuming that certain conditions are met.

I recommend using the free compatibility checker tool to see if you need to change your avatar in any way.

Compatibility Tester (See if it works on your model)

There are two ways of using the eyes:

  1. Apply it on your model's eye material ("Eye Material method")
  2. Use it on a contact lens mesh ("Contacts method")

Contacts Method

Contacts method will add 2 mesh renderers and 2 material slots to your avatar. We currently have contact presets available for these avatar bases:

  • JinA's Ampwave
  • Tokyozilla's Tigerbee
  • Irix's Taidum
  • Kobodal

We have some tutorial videos available:

In case you want to use overlay texture parameters or the Parallax 3D shader, you may still need to edit the textures you wish to use to overlap with the UVs of the contact model (which is a circle with (0.5, 0.5) being the center)

Eye Material Method

This is the simplest option, if your eyes satisfy these requirements:

  • The eyes are on their own material slot and do not share it with any other geometry. We have a video walking through the process of separating eyes into their own slot.
  • The shader requires UV coordinate centers of the eyes (if you aren't using contacts and if using the 1D or Polar 2D shader, or some optional settings on the Parallax 3D)
    • We have presets available:
      • Ampwave (JinA)
      • Arflin
      • Azalea (Foxipaws)
      • Batdal
      • BZ Protogen
      • Canis
      • Chaos Canine
      • Chipori
      • Da'Vali
      • Dergodal
      • Deuzear
      • Draconian
      • Ember (Foxipaws)
      • Fara Rex
      • Felidal
      • Hobkin (Old)
      • Hyenid
      • Jerry Avali
      • Kirin (HaruMaki)
      • Kita'Vali
      • Kobodal (and the chibi)
      • Miune
      • Novabeast
      • Umiko The Orca V2
      • Nardoragon
      • Rexouium (Rezillo Ryker)
      • Sergodal
      • Tropical Kangaroo (v1 and v2)
      • Lykana
      • Wickerbeast (JinA)
      • Winterpaw Canine
      • Wolfman
      • Yet Another Fox
      • Zoichi 3.0
    • We also have a video walking through the process of finding these UV centers.
  • Textures that overlap with the UVs of your model's eyes. We have a video walking through the process of setting up textures to satisfy this requirement. (if using overlay texture slots or the Parallax 3D shader)

Terms of Use

  • YOU CAN:
    • Distribute locked shaders and materials if they are part of a larger commission (such as a custom avatar, retexture etc) Either the commissioner or the artist has to own the product.
    • Make edits to the product and share it with other persons who own the product.
    • Use the product on public and private avatars without credit.
    • Take and share videos, screenshots, live streams etc of the product (and also send me them please I WANNA SEE)
    • Redistribute/resell this product or parts of it, including locked shaders and materials, as part of another product.
    • Share your license key with others.
    • Redistribute this product, or parts of it, to persons who do not own it.
    • Redistribute unlocked shaders to persons who do not own the product.
    • Sell this product or derivations of it.
    • Claim that you have made this product.

This product requires a valid license in order to work. You activate your license by activating a valid license key. A license and its key cannot be transferred and can only be used by the person who has purchased the product.

Your license may be revoked at any point for violating the terms of use.

If there's anything unclear about the terms, please contact me.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out:

Thanks to CHILLI, Shalkor Leonidas and Quarkstew for testing.

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You'll get a unitypackage with all the shaders, materials, textures etc!

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VRChat Hypno Eyes (Novabeast Preset ✨)

234 ratings
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