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VRChat Goo Shader

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The droopy & reactive PBR VRChat goo/slime shader for avatars.

Not compatible with Quest or NeosVR., not tested with CVR.


  • Customizable drippy goo shader.
  • DPS compatibility.
  • 9 material presets (green and pink slime, white and black latex, honey, paint, mercury, transformation example)
  • Transformation features (material mixing, setup tutorial)
  • Physics features (see the showcase here)
  • Tutorials, walkthroughs and handholding on making your avatar gooey.
  • Shader optimizer so that you only pay the performance cost of what you use (similar to Poiyomi locking).

This package does not include any of the avatars in the images & videos.

Try it in the avatar world

Some things to know

  • A bit of setup is going to be required! We have writeups and videos walking through the setup process.
    You'll need to peform a non-destructive bake on your avatar mesh and may need to tweak some material parameters to best fit your avatar's size.
  • The goo effect is designed to work with meshes that have smooth normals.
    Meshes with custom or hard surface normals will have seams in them if the mesh is not baked with smooth normals. We provide a simple Unity tool to create smooth normals on your mesh.
  • Touch reactivity & intersection effects do not show up in mirrors and may not work in all VRC worlds and with all objects.


  • The shader is a fully featured PBR shader with ability to customize goo, dripping, touch reactivity, basic material mixing, transparency, intersection highlights etc.
  • Materials can have animated parameters! Just make sure to check the 'Make Animated' button next to the parameter and you're set.
  • The shader is an 'unlit' Unity shader written by hand. Editing the code will not be a headache.

  • The shader was directly tested on the Nicoreda Kobodal, Mantled Beast, Wickerbeast, BZ Protogen, Tigerbee but it is designed to work on 99% of furry VRChat and anime VRChat avatars as long as there aren't any mesh boundaries between continuous parts of the mesh!

Terms of Use


  • As part of a larger commission that doesn't focus on this product, you may share, from this product, any locked materials, locked shaders and textures that those materials depend on, only if the commissioner OR commissioned artist owns the product.
  • Make edits to any part of the product and share it with other persons who have purchased the product.
  • Use the product on private avatars without credit.
  • Use the product on public avatars only if credit is given. A link to the Gumroad page in the description suffices.
  • Create, share, paywall and sell videos, screenshots, live streams, audiovisual media etc that visually feature the product. You may also send me them I would like to see them.


  • Use the product on public avatars without credit.
  • Share your license key with others.
  • Redistribute this product or portions of it to persons who do not own it.
  • Redistribute/resell this product or parts of it, including locked shaders and materials, as part of another product.
  • Sell this product or derivations of it.
  • Claim that you have made this product.

This product requires a valid license in order to work. You activate your license by activating a valid license key. A license and its key cannot be transferred and can only be used by the person who has purchased the product.

Your license may be revoked at any point for violating the terms of use.

If there's anything unclear about the terms, please contact me.


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Please immediately let me know it's concern about the goo shader.

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VRChat Goo Shader

147 ratings
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