VRChat Boop Counter (Universal)

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The universal boop counter for VRChat!

Not usable on standalone Quest


  • 💻 Boop Counter software (to count, store and display boops)
  • 💻 VRCRouter software (to run many OSC apps at once, autostart them with VRChat)
  • 🧊 Boop Prefabs for many avatars
  • 🧊 Universal Boop prefab
  • 🎶 Various Sounds and 🎊 Particle presets
  • 📚 Tutorials, walkthroughs and documentation on setting everything up.


  • "I love dopamine" - Zenyth171
  • "yeeeeees, add to my counter" - Serim
  • "every boop makes me stronger" - Neodragun
  • "I don't know why the number is so high, people have a problem not me" - Mocha Latte


  • You can use any sound that you would like to play when you get booped!
  • Particles can be customized and we have some pre-made ones included.
  • VRCRouter may be used with any program, not only OSC ones. You can make any program start with VRChat.


We've compiled tutorials that cover the prefab setup and the software! There are 6 tutorials in total. You can find all of them in the description of the videos below.



The boop counter is universal, but to help with performance ratings and setup we have presets for the following avatars.

If your avatar is not on the list, you can still use the boop counter! All you have to do is set up the 'Generic Parent Constrained' prefab included in the unity package. We have a tutorial on that in our tutorials list.

  • Aqua Fox
  • Awdeer
  • Batdal
  • BZ Protogen
  • Davali
  • Deuzear
  • Freakhound
  • Ghostblaze
  • Hyenid
  • Irix Fluffy Dog
  • JinA Ampwave
  • JinA Wickerbeast
  • Kepler 2.0
  • Kitavali
  • Kobodal (and chibi variant)
  • Kyuulin
  • Lorc Avali
  • Lorcan Mantled Beast
  • Maitake Shiba Kobold
  • Nardoragon
  • Nicoreda Mantledbeast
  • Nicoreda Protogen
  • Rexouium
  • Skull Gremkin
  • Taidum 2
  • TeaLBiTZ Foxx
  • Tigerbee
  • Toastador Gremlin V2
  • Zoichi 3.0

Terms of Use


  1. Use the product on private/public avatars without credit.
  2. Make edits to the product and share them with other persons who have purchased the product.


  1. Redistribute this product to persons who do not own it.
  2. Use this product commercially (i.e as part of another product)
  3. Sell this product or derivations of it.
  4. Claim that you have made this product.

This product requires a valid license in order to work. You activate your license by activating a valid license key. A license and its key cannot be transferred and can only be used by the person who has purchased the product.

Your license may be revoked at any point for violating the terms of use.

If there's anything unclear about the terms, please contact me:


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out: https://discord.shader.gay

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Tutorials & Help
Boop Counter
Boop Prefabs
Performance: Material Slots
Performance: Sound Player
Performance: (optional) Constraint
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VRChat Boop Counter (Universal)

51 ratings
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